Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peanut Party

 her birthday onesie I made
 the cupcakes and her smash cake
 opening her presents
 she loved all her presents
 having fun with all her new stuff
 singing happy birthday...she got so excited!



playing in her new pool that Jesse and Brittany gave her!

For Payslie's birthday, we had a peanut party. Everything was elephants and peanuts.  It turned out really cute, and Payslie had a BLAST! I was worried she would be a grouch because the party was right around her naptime, but she had so much fun, and was soo happy!  She enjoyed opening all her presents and LOVED eating her cake! It was so cute! She would be eating it and then every few bites would stop and say Mmmmmm! haha she is the cutest ever! I can't believe that she is already one!

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Leah said...

what a cute party idea! Wow, it's amazing how fast our kiddos grow right before our eyes! I can't believe she's ONE! :)