Friday, July 15, 2011

Cutie Patootie

 love her!

My baby is one!! Wow! 


 sitting on a dinosaur (it was zoorassic park at the zoo)

 trying to wake up the gorilla
 LOVE the giraffes! they are my favorite
 Payslie liked them too!

 lunch time
 measurning up to the gorillas. Payslie wouldn't just stand there so we got her on the run!

 we needed a break, it was sooo hot. Payslie took a nap and we had dippin dots!
 she did not like being in this egg so much, but isn't this the most adorable picture!?!
Peek a boo! she wouldn't look at the camera because she was too intruiged by the little prarie dog in front of us.

Somehow, my Mom, Tanie, Squish and I all had monday off, so we decided to go to the zoo!  It was so much fun! Payslie had a blast, she loved seeing all the animals and kept telling them all hi! Her favorite part was all the monkeys, she thought they were so funny.  We could have spent all day with them and she would be happy.  She also loved the carosel, she rode on it twice and didn't want to get off.  We had a lot of fun, can't wait to go back!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July

she loved the sparklers but she kept getting mad cause I wouldn't let her touch the sparks!

for the 4th of July, we went to my parent's house and had smores and did fireworks.  It was fun, but we got attacked by mosquitos! Payslie enjoyed the big fireworks but got bored with these little ones and just wanted to walk around and try to get them.

Peanut Party

 her birthday onesie I made
 the cupcakes and her smash cake
 opening her presents
 she loved all her presents
 having fun with all her new stuff
 singing happy birthday...she got so excited!



playing in her new pool that Jesse and Brittany gave her!

For Payslie's birthday, we had a peanut party. Everything was elephants and peanuts.  It turned out really cute, and Payslie had a BLAST! I was worried she would be a grouch because the party was right around her naptime, but she had so much fun, and was soo happy!  She enjoyed opening all her presents and LOVED eating her cake! It was so cute! She would be eating it and then every few bites would stop and say Mmmmmm! haha she is the cutest ever! I can't believe that she is already one!

birthday fly

 Our house! (the one on the right)

 our neighborhood

For part of my birthday, my dad took me flying in his powered parachute.  It was so fun! It is so peaceful up in the air and it is so pretty too! here is some pics of the pretty views we saw. 

BBQ with friends

 Payslie loved playing with Halle's new slide
 going down the slide with Daddy
all us girls with our tinies (Abriel, hurry up and have one would you!?! jk)

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Maegan and her husband Jason, had all of us over to their new house for a barbeque. It was so good to get all of us together again with our families, it had been way too long! The kiddos all had a blast too! Thanks Maeg!