Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arizona Trip

Driving down to Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam

Wupatiki National Monument

Sunset Crator

Greek Orthodox Monestary

This beautiful Desert Oasis is the home of the Greek Orthodox near Grandma and Grandpa Coates' place outside Florence. All of the Monks dress in black from head to toe, even in the dead scorching heat of summer, how they do it, I don't know! It was so pretty they do all of the landscaping themselves and make everything from clothes, to food, and even provide fire department service to the town of Florence!

The ghost town of Goldfield in Gold Canyon


Grandpa and Grandma Coates'
For BJ's spring break, we went to his Grandpa and Grandma's winter home in Florence, AZ along with Jesse and Sarah (BJ's brother and his wife). We visited a few different places on the way down, as well as while we were there (refer to the pictures above!) We all had a really good time and the weather was great! It was soooo warm I didn't want to leave!

No Fun

This picture says it all!

Week 1
Week 2

We definately could have used one of these!

We both got the lovely cold that has been going around. We both caught it the same day and as you can see, went through quite a few boxes of tissues! BJ's lasted longer than mine did and unfortunately had a sinus infection but we are both better now thank goodness!

New TV!

With our tax returns this year, we decided after paying off a couple of bills, to spend it on something fun. It just so happened that BJ had been wanting a new tv for the longest time, so he finally got his wish and we went and bought his dream tv!