Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

Payslie cute!

Payslie playing in her new Christmas present! She LOVES it!

Payslie modeling the antlers Nana gave the Grandkids

Christmas this year was a blast! It was so much fun to have Payslie be a part of our Christmas this year. She didn't get what was going on and enjoyed the wrapping paper more than her presents but it was still fun. She did better than we expected her too with opening presents, she grabbed on to the paper and loved the tearing sound it made when she pulled it off and then into her mouth it went!


Our new puppy Jazzmin

so....we are getting a puppy!!! we don't get to take her for a few more weeks but we have been to visit her plenty of times already!! We have named her Jazzmin (BJ will be calling her Jazz for short) She is a English Mastiff...yes, they get HUGE! Payslie is getting the pony she has always wanted! We are excited to get to take her home next month.


here is some random pictures of Payslie since I haven't posted any in so long! She is getting so big I can't even believe it.
Payslie eating Mommy's cell phone.

Learning how to sit up

Daddy and Payslie getting ready for church. Payslie looks so cute in her little Christmas dress.

Payslie with Mommy

I love her beautiful big blue eyes...they get all big everytime I go to take a picture of her, I love it!

Playing on the bed

helping Mommy put the laundry away.

she's such a good helper!

Snoozing on the couch...always with her two favorite fingers in her mouth

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Onery baby!

Mommy and Payslie

Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandbabies

Coates Family


Our cute little clown

our last minute costumes... not what I had in mind but it worked.

Payslie with Uncle Jesse

BJ Birthday

BJ opening his presents

getting ready to blow out his cake full of candles :)

The cute daddy's with their even cuter babies

cake pops that I made
(they are deer because BJ's birthday always falls on the deer hunt)

Happy Birthday Babe we love you!!