Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holy Moly!

one of Payslie's favorite places to play

helping Mommy mop the floor

she loves to empty her diaper bag and throw it's contents all over the floor.

cutest little camp chair she tried at cabella's (she will most likely have this for our next camping trip, it is just too cute not to have!)

she loves to eat the bubbles in the tub

bubble beard

waiting for the results of the baby contest we entered her in.

discovering how fun it is to play in our cupboards and pull everything out.

swimming with Daddy

we love swimming!

rasin feet!!!! haha we maybe were swimming for too long!

Holy moly! It has been a long time since I posted last. I'm really bad at that. I don't post forever and then I have like three months to catch up on.

These are just some random pics of what we have been up to the last little while. Payslie, as you can see is getting so big so fast. She has 5 almost 6 teeth now. She is trying to walk on her own, the most steps as of today she's taken by herself is 9. It will be so soon now that she will just take off! She gets into EVERYTHING!!! I don't know if I want her walking yet :) She finds it so fun to clear things off of every surface she can reach or every bag she can empty and spread everything all over the floor. Her favorite words to say are; "kitty", "whoosat" (who's that), "dada" and a lot of other jibberish words. She waves and blows kisses too! Her fits and her attitude are also getting bigger, she is quite the little sass. She does not like when we tell her "no" but will test her limits and see how much she can get away with before you come and get her....oh how I love our little stinker!

Getting Big

you can't see her sign but this is 10 months
11 months!
I can't belive she will be one in a month!!


The toys that the Easter Bunny brought
modeling her cute Easter dress

Jason and Payslie playing in the grass in their new Easter outfits

haha I LOVE this picture. This is a typical Payslie fit. It is the cutest thing but oh my goodness, does she knows how to throw fits! (what do we have to look forward too?!? ...SIGH)

Bryce Canyon

some of the pretty views

Payslie chillin on the 4-wheeler

getting ready to go swimmimg at the hotel next to the campground. It was cold outside that's why she has her beenie on!

For spring break this year we went camping at Bryce Canyon with my parents and Squish. It was fun but cold. It was our first camping trip of the year, and Payslie's first ever. She did pretty good, but I don't think she enjoyed it as much as we did. She didn't understand why she had to wear her beenie and mittons to stay warm and would take them off, but then she got cold and didn't like that either. She did enjoy the 4-wheeler so we rode around the camp alot with her. Overall we had fun and got to enjoy the beautiful views Bryce Canyon has to offer.