Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sick Baby :(

Payslie at the Doctor with RSV

At the hospital waiting to get mucus suctioned

Just after she had to get blood drawn for some tests.

Our poor little Payslie has had quite the last few weeks. She got really sick one Saturday and so on Sunday we took her to an insta care and found out she had a double ear infection and the doctor sent us to the hospital for an RSV test. Well, sure enough, along with her poor ear infections, she had RSV as well. We had to take her to the hospital a couple of times to get all of her mucus suctioned out of her chest and help clear out her sinuses. I hated that. It was so sad to hold her down while they stuck a tube 6 inches up her nose, and down her throat :( Ugh, needless to say it was a rough week or two.

Well, just when we thought she was getting better, she came down with a fever. She didn't have any other symptoms or anything but we took her to the doctor and he said not to worry but come back if it lasted for another 3 days. So......3 days and a fever of 103.3 degrees later, we were at the doctor's office AGAIN. They were concerned that her fever had lasted 5 days now, but also that she had no other symptoms so they had us go to the hospital and do some blood tests, and we had to get her suctioned again so they could test her mucus as well. They said if they didn't find anything from the blood work they would probably have to do a catheter and test her urine. (Luckily we didn't have to do that!!) The only thing they found from the tests is that she had a viral infection called Rhinovirus. I guess it is basically like a common cold and can be caused from having RSV, so luckily it isn't anything to worry about, I just wish she didn't have to go through so much to find out she had a stupid cold!

Our Poor baby is so sick and afraid of doctors now, I think this experience has scarred her (and me) for life.


Allison Wagstaff said...

Oh my gosh, this is no fun at all. Poor Payslie, I hate hospitals and I'm 23, she is still a baby.

skcoe said...

Oh no, I had no idea Lindsay! I hope she's feeling better now and that everyone is getting some sleep at night!

Stephanie said...

Oh Lindsay I'm so sorry! I was just going to message you today to see how little Payslie is doing, I had no idea she was so sick. I hope she gets feeling better quick!

Jamie said...

That's scary! hope she is feeling better soon, you too!!