Saturday, June 12, 2010


the super cute decorations

ooh la la :)

The Girls

trying to guess what candy bar the baby ate!

Daddy-to-be checking out the dirty diapers!
My Mom and Aunt gave me and my sister Brittany a combined shower for friends and family (Brittany is getting married July 26th). I had a lot of fun! It was a really good turn out and we both went home with a pile of goodies! Thanks Madre and Gina and thanks to everyone who came!!


Julee and Matt said...

How fun...and congrats to your sis on getting married, even though she isn't giving you much time to recover. :) Yeah for a baby and a wedding all next month!

KoOie said...

CUTE PICS 2!!! I love you, im so sorry I couldnt come!! :( I'll come give you a foot massage or something instead!! tehe! luf u hunny!

ChotZ said...

Yay for your actual size belly!!!

skcoe said...

So sad I couldn't be there, but I totally filled up the buns in the ovens for you 'cause i love you!