Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

For new years we went with my family to St. George to stay at Papa and Nana's new house. It was fun, there was plenty of food, fun, games, etc. One of the games we played, you had to be blindfolded and there was a bowl full of little papers in front of you. The object was to blow as many of the papers out of the bowl without looking because some of them had numbers on them and you were trying to get the highest score. You had three blows to get as many papers out as you could, but on the third try, someone changes the bowl to one that is full of flour so when you blow, it gets all over! It was pretty entertaining for those who didn't have to do it :)


ChotZ said...

HAHA! what a fun game! luff you Loo 2!

Steph said...

miss you, I am so glad that you guys came down thought it was fun even though I did not get to see you much.

Carly said...

was that your dad?? he looks old with white flour hair ;)