Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deer Hunt

My monster deer!
Here is my deer that I shot Friday night. I got him in one shot! He was a big deer, I didn't have to help but it took BJ and my Dad a lot of work to get him up the mountain, he was fat! It was well worth it though! (even though BJ still can hardly walk because his back is so sore :)
BJ with my deer (the boys wanted to have their pictures with it too)
and now it's dad's turn!
playing around camp on the wheela's
Tony, BJ and Jesse went off to find a deer they saw, I stayed and ate some treats :)
In the trailer at Strawberry

lounging in the trailer

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Chotz & Z said...

Nice shootin Loo 2. Now, get it down from the basketball hoop right now before I drive by and gag again. :)