Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year

Everyone Playing Games on New Year's Eve

Me throwing knives

BJ throwing knives
Papa looking for one of the knives we lost under the sand with his metal detector!

Our little caravan traveling home

This year for New Year's we went to Papa and Nana's house in St. George with the rest of my family. It was so fun to be able to get away, and it was so warm!!! We had a great time with everyone playing games, throwing knives, eating, playing the WII, eating, some more playing and a little more eating!


Julee and Matt said...

Happy New Years! You have to come up and visit soon...Madyson asks about you all the time! Call me at home, e-mail me if you need the number again. Love you!

Jon said...

Happy New Year, and a belated congratulations on your marriage! Looks like you two are perfectly happy and enjoying life!

It'll be nice to stay updated on what's going on, since I've been pretty terrible at staying in touch.;)

-the Felts