Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On Monday, Squish slept over at our apartment and we decided to go out and make a Snowman! It was freezing cold, neither of us had snow pants or warm shoes on, and we just had on some thin gloves that we managed to find... we got pretty wet! It was worth it though, we both had a lot of fun, and BJ enjoyed watching us struggle in the deep snow...(through the window!)


BRD said...

That is the cutest hair on your snowman.

Kira Ann said...

Hi 2, I'm so happy you got to make a no-man! I've been wanting to make a soooo bad, but havent had time yet, maybe on Christmas!! woot! Merry Chistmas HUnny!

Julee and Matt said...

You crack me up...come over and make one with Madyson. :)